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Put your brand front and center of our decision-makers and senior executives, achieve global awareness through our receptive audience, and build brand trust by enhancing your brand's reputation and credibility through a trusted form of advertising and media exposure. The biggest opportunity is right now, in our audience.

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full omnichannel presence

Your sponsorship will receive full promotion across all of our social media channels, including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, and more.

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Featured on tbtech, your content will be at the center of our audience's experience and will have a forever place within our site 

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Credibility & reputation 

Build your reputation and expose your message to our thoroughbred technology audience. Topics are strategically designed with you and our audience in mind.  

More traffic, more leads, more sales. Forever.

Your content will be at the center of our audience's experience and will have a forever place within our site, compared to other brands that will give you a time-limited or impressions-limited space. A backlink will be included to give your website some extra link juice that propels your search rankings higher.

More traffic, more leads, more sales. Forever.

As a technology publication serving the B2B market, tbtech is under constant pressure to deliver live updates and insights from trending topics and breaking news. Our audience will be relying on us to give coverage to exciting emerging advancements that will affect day-to-day business operations; your brand could be at the forefront of those messages, driving traffic, leads and sales to your brand forever.

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Your biggest opportunity is in our audience now.

A global b2b tech publishers

Journalistic excellence & responsibility

We deliver responsibly sourced and verified content and resources to our audience by rigorously researching and fact-checking information from coverage on legacy and emerging technologies. We also go directly to the source to provide exclusive thought-leadership and actionable insights that will positively affect business for our readers. 

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Our Platform, You Voice, Our Audiences Attention 

Together, we can create a message that is uniquely positioned to maximize the amount of attention you receive and give you lifelong lead generation 

Paid advert space & takeovers 

Target subscriber behavior, interests, or specific pages to advertise on TBT to your perfect audience. Take over the site with a branded message or campaign to drive traffic or demand. 

Full omnichannel presence

Engage a very targeted relevant prospect audience, attracting those that show positive signs of intent towards your product or solutions. The perfect MQL for further nurture that helps build our future pipeline. 

Webinar & Event

Market to our audience with display and native ads to drive signups for your webinar or event. Target by industry,  job role, or even interest.

Social media
marketing campaign

Utilize our network and voice to boost a message that produces maximum exposure for your brand and drive top of funnel activity for your CTA location. 


We specifically plug your brand into our content to help top-of-the-funnel traffic and demand generation. You gain authority among our readers and a lead funnel that sits on our site for as long as the content is there. 

Compliant behavior
and interest data

If you are planning on executing a targeted campaign, our data can help you reach in-market people who are showing interest in your segment and intent-driven behaviors. 

Email marketing
and nurture

If you are planning on delivering against an email marketing tactic we can help design, build and deliver a consistent marketing message, brand-compliant HTML email series, and delivery with the full analytical report. 

With over 1 million of engaged subscribers, we can help you to build direct relationships, demand and authority for your brand.  

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